Planning is done. Let's Build!

Now that you have your theme selected and floor plan designed, it’s time to purchase your man cave accessories and build your awesome cave. Continue on and we will help you through the process.

Buy Essentials

Every man cave must have certain essentials in it before it can truly be considered a man cave. The size or complexity of these necessities are not important — only their existence.



The bigger the better; multiple screens are bliss


Must be kept fully stocked at all times


A chair reserved for you only... Preferably a recliner

Sound system

The sound should be robust. Surround sound is required



Claim your territory with a welcome or a warning

Gaming system

A no-brainer for gamers

Rules Displayed

You are the commander and chief in here; your cave, your rules

Dart Board

Iconic wall décor and another form of entertainment



It would be a sin not to have beer in a man cave

Pool table

A great signature centerpiece

Stadium seating

Make your buddies proud to watch the game with you. Kick back and relax

LED Ticker

Stream the schedules, standings, and scores in real time

Video: Man Cave Items

The Components That Make It A Man Cave

Connect Cave

The last step is to bring it all together based on the theme you have selected, the floor plan you have designed, and the essentials you have purchased. The following videos will help you connect, automate, and personalize your man cave.

Video: DIY Opportunities

Do-It-Yourself Man Cave Tips